About Me

Hi there! My name is Dana (aka: Flo) and I run Atomic Betties. I live in Arizona with my boyfriend - W and my three cats, Cortez, Hannibal and Indiana and my dog, Diego. I was born in the 70s and with that came a natural love for vintage. I grew up with the green and brown plaid sofas, shag carpets, Crazy Daisy dishes in the cupboards, while wearing rust colored corduroy pants, writing code on my PC Jr., and dominating at Atari 2600 video games.

The 70s and 80s definitely have an influence over me in terms of nostalgia. My love for 70s vintage led me down a deeper path to the 60s and 50s. My house is pretty much covered in mid century modern furniture and decor - most of which has been thrifted, refinished or repurposed by yours truly.

I hold degrees in History and Religious Studies from Arizona State University and continue to be an avid student and all around learner. I often consider returning to school for my master's degree.

In addition to writing Atomic Betties, I also write murder mystery party games with my hetero life mate, Jeannette. You can read more about our mystery games on our website, Toe Tag Mysteries.

The purpose of this blog is to interact with the vintage community. I want to get to know collectors, buyers, resellers, fellow thrifters and anyone who loves vintage. I hope to provide an experience on this blog that involves and connects people =)

As a reseller, I'd like to invite anyone who is considering reselling or who is already a reseller to contact me if you need help getting started, discussing pricing, setting up an Etsy shop or just support in general. The best thing about a blog is the community it supports. Likewise, if you're a reseller and have any tips for me, I welcome them with open arms!
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