Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Swap with Sam @ The Junk House

Last spring I missed out on the thrift swap that Lakota of Faith Hope and Charity Shopping set up and organized. So when she announced she was doing a festive Christmas swap, I was all up on that! My swap partner was Sam from the lovely blog, The Junk House. My package arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier! The rules of the swap were something handmade, something thrifted and something Christmas. Three to five items, around 19 bucks USD. Here are the goodies I received:


Something handmade. I just love this. I love cooking AND eating and Julia is awesome. The colors and the frame are just lovely. Sam - you are amazing!


Look at the pretty detail on the frame.


I couldn't agree more, Julia!


Something Christmas - Vintage, yellow tree ornaments! I love them! How these are in such good shape is a mystery of the universe. I'm afraid to put them out this year because my 5 month old kittens would destroy them faster than a Sith Lord taking down a Jedi Knight. I'm teaching them to respect vintage, but some temptations are just too... well, tempting!


Something thrifted. Yes friends, hold on to your hats. That is indeed BUTTERPRINT Pyrex! I love the Corningware (I have see 'n store containers to match!) and the salt and pepper shakers but I about died when I opened the package and saw Butterprint peeking out at me. Sam, I'm going to say it again - you're amazing!


Such a cute pattern! I really like the size too, I'm thinking of some individual casserole dishes that I can whip up.


Wow! Just wow! I love it!


The whole kit and caboodle. I couldn't have done better if I were shopping for myself. Thank you so much, Sam! I also want to thank the incomparable Lakota for putting this whole swap together - organizing a ton of bloggers and bringing a lot of joy to people all over the world. I'll be back with regular updates again after Christmas. This holiday season kind of took me by storm! I hope everyone has a really lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year =)


  1. Aw, everything is so lovely! We had yellow ornaments like that, they are SO VERY FRAGILE. I'd be scared to put them up too.

    Happy Holidays to you as well!

  2. Awesome package of goodies!! Glad to see you back and hope the kitties are settling in!

  3. They've moved beyond to settling in to completely taking over. Total kitten dominance! Thank you for asking about them!

  4. I'm so glad you like everything! I saw one of your older posts about getting your first piece of Butterprint, so I was determined to find you a second piece! Thanks for being my swap partner - I had a lot of fun!

  5. Wooo, great swap goodies! Love it all. Really glad you enjoyed it - have a fantastic Christmas x

  6. Nice to see you back Flo, I've missed you!
    Lovely Christmas swap goodies I can see why you were so thrilled to receive them.
    Merry Christmas x

  7. I love the little birds - great pattern and find.

  8. Hey Flo - how's it going? I miss your blog! Hope all's OK x

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