Monday, November 7, 2011

Thrift Share Smalls

I love "smalls" - they're cheap, cute and usually fill some incredibly deep void in my life!


Here is the perfect example! How was my life complete before this tiny, adorable vintage snail planter came into my life? This is the cool thing with smalls, sometimes you don't even realize how bad you've needed something until you find it!


Another cute example. This tiny box probably isn't vintage, but it's so pretty!


It has two compartments, and...


...a little note assuring me that my life will be much enhanced by simply owning a "Kobako". Happiness guaranteed? Awesome.


And who could live without this silver-plated, giant peanut candy/nut dish?


I think this is my favorite find of the week. Who came up with this?? I love it. It's just so random and of course it reminds me of The Princess Bride, one of my very favorite movies!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Check your stats for a few weeks and you'll soon see that someone out there is searching for 'tiny silver snail peanut' or similar. My stats are terrifying, frankly. Who the hell is really looking for 'felt asparagus'? I made that up as a joke!

    The planter is amazingly Magic Roundabout.

  2. The peanut is hilarious. What Princess Bride fan could resist it? I'm a smalls fan too. In fact, that's what I buy for the store, so I'm always looking for them. Lately I've been on a Dansk kick.

  3. Love the planter and the peanut is a hoot.

  4. The giant peanut is genius. Who did think 'what can I make quality metalware in the shape of...hhmmm...perhaps, yes, that's it! A fricken PEANUT!'


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  6. I adore smalls, too. Perhaps too much. I've got a collection of Japanese mini erasers I'm creating wall art out of...actually I have lots of miniature collections... ;)

  7. Hope you come back soon! And that you're enjoying the Christmastime holidays!

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