Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - Jewelry Boxes

Hey everyone! I know it's been ages since my last post. It's been mayhem over at AB's HQ lately. Little kittens with upset tummies making unhappy trips to the vet (They're just peachy keen now!), big dogs with arthritis also making trips to the vet, lots of medication for everyone (except for ME) and of course, lots of kitten photo shoots. So, forgive me for being absent from comments and postings. I have kept up with everyone's blogs via my Android but commenting can be difficult with security words, etc.

Today I'm sharing some items I've been stock piling for awhile. As usual, this collection started with just a jewelry box or two. I love old jewelry boxes and the surprises that await when you open one. After picking up a couple at estate sales, I got a little obsessed. Now my collection has far surpassed it's usefulness, so I'm trying to decide which boxes to part with. Here are some of the lovely candidates.


The exterior of this box is pretty in a very subdued way. The knobs are a little flashy and the light catches the lovely pattern on the box, but wait until it's opened.


So glamorous! The plush gold velvet, the soft pillow back for lovely. It's like opening this box makes you want to finally wear those over-the-top earrings along with that vintage brooch.


Let's take a look at this unsuspecting cream colored box next. It's not too fancy or over the top...


...a little decorative trim and some rather plain silver knobs... but wait!


Brilliant and bright red! Who knew?! Tell me that doesn't make you want to go all chic!


The details are just stunning. And it's in amazing condition. I realize these boxes were holding jewelry and not greasy lug nuts or anything but I've seen so many very badly beat up that I marvel when I find one so pristine.


Here's a rather small box with some very cute flowers on the outside.


I love this gorgeous blue and embroidered interior. You can tell from this pic that some of the velvet is smudged and dirty but I couldn't leave it behind. Anyone have any good tips for cleaning decades old crushed blue velvet? Funny, that's not something I thought I'd ever need to request. Let's finish strong, with a nice manly box!


This box has a few scuffs but is in pretty good condition. The crown detailing is very nice.


But like the very femineine jewelry boxes, this man box holds surprises of it's own.


A fantastic wood grain interior! I just love it. Thanks for taking a trip down jewelry box lane with me. Here's the funny thing... this post doesn't include the boxes from my personal collection, which number about five right now. I should be blushing but I'm not ashamed!

Linking up to ATG's Thrift Share Monday! Hopefully I won't be as scarce this week =)

I can't help myself! Sorry! Kitten pics, inc!


Eli wanted to demonstrate the proper way to behave if you're ever robbed while watching TV and playing with your favorite mouse. Stick 'em up, little baby!


Dolly insisting that Eli wake up for the next bout of Wrestlemania. Eli trying her very best to completely ignore her.


  1. They're all so gorgeous Flo, including the kitty-cats (and I'm not a cat person, so that's saying something!)

  2. Lovely collection - lets see your personal ones now please? My jewellery is rampaging out of control actually, I may need to rethink my storage options.

    And KITTEHS! Cute x

  3. The jewelry boxes are unbelievable. I love the first one! And the kittens are precious little bundles of fluff.

  4. Lovely collection. I love that one with the red lining. I have a couple of the little clam shell boxes myself. I would take a rag and some ivory soap and just spot clean it. You might need to brush at the velvet once it dries to restore the nap.
    And those kitties are too cute!

  5. Great collection, im a sucker for jewel boxes too, just need the diamonds now to fill them with. Awwwww kitty pics!! Scarlett x

  6. Beautiful (re: irresistable) collection. I have a few too and have fond memories of my Mum's and my Grandmother's. Cute kitties too! Our's are still cute but not babies anymore.

  7. Those boxes are elegant in their own right. The polished surface and royal plush interior are looking great.

  8. The outside of this case is beautiful in an extremely stifled manner. Thanks Liftech Handling and Access


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