Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - Type it Up!

I am back from Vegas and getting back into the swing of things. I had a great time in the Las V, played in some amazing card rooms. We stayed at a rather old school hotel and casino on the strip. I thought it would be a lot of fun to go retro. You know, get some of that old school Vegas ritz and glitz. I couldn't have been more wrong. Just to summarize the hotel highlights, I got stuck on an elevator with two women, one of whom was very distressed. Our hotel room sounded like there was a roller coaster on the floor just above us. It sounded like the roller coaster was slogging passengers around all day and all night. Just to clarify, because this is Vegas, after all, there was no roller coaster at this hotel. Just haunting, roller coaster noises that made it nearly impossible to sleep. Ever. When we switched rooms, we walked in on a naked man who was in the process of pulling up his trousers. Apparently the new room was NOT ready. There were many more weird, random happenings but I'm going to move on to some vintage loveliness now.

Just before the trip I found this amazing typewriter.


It is a Coronet Super 12 made by Smith-Corona in the 1970s.


So lovely and SO powder blue! I love the monochromatic color scheme with the varying blues -but the powder blue is striking. It's SO 70s bad tux with ruffles that I just dig it.


The coolest thing about this electric typewriter is that the ribbons are still available today through online retailers and eBay.


Lastly here a cute little owl with big, serious owl eyes.


I'm not sure if this guy was meant to be a planter or a toothbrush holder or maybe a sponge holder for the kitchen sink? Either way, the dish on his back makes him pretty AND utilitarian. My fave combination.

Thanks for reading! I'm happy to be back. Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs and see what people have been up to!

I'm linking up to ATG's Thrift Share Monday! Also, I just posted my super secret cocktail hor d'oeuvres recipe over on the Toe Tags blog! If you need a go to recipe for a pot luck or party - this is the one! Check it out!


  1. Well at least your Vegas trip sounds like an adventure! Damn! What the hell could those sounds have been...?!

    I love the owl and typewriter finds. The typewriter kind of makes me want to reach through the screen and type on it. Typewriters have that power over me...

  2. Yay, you're back and up for swapping - whoop! Are you in the money on selling up on your return from Vegas? Love the typewriter - it's a beauty.

  3. Sorry to hear about the trip! I've been stuck on an elevator before - not fun. Luckily it was just me & my dog... although we were in there for over 3 hours. Poor guy.

    Love those big brown eyes on that owl!

    We just found a random stapler in our house. We moved in just over 2 months ago & it was on top of some boxes I put in the closet... neither of us have owned a stapler like this. Ever. We bought a mini pink one from the dollar store, but that broke when the dog stepped on it. I'm so confused on where this black one came from!

  4. I love your 70's bad tux reference Flo.
    Would love to see some pics of the hotel you stayed in...

  5. That owl is so cool! The typewriter is pretty neat too. What a bummer your hotel was noisy. I used to have a fear of being stuck in an elevator, I would always take the stairs.

    E :)

  6. Flo, I've seriously been thinking about buying a vintage typewriter since I started reading Ton S's I Dream Lo-Tech blog. Yours is beautiful. The tux analogy was wonderful. I was teaching in a rural town in the 70s and 80s, and some of my funniest memories are of prom time and the awful tuxes, most memorably a multi-color splatter painted white one...actually that tux and the girl who wrote about the author who won the Pullet Surprise. Gotta love country kids!

  7. Flo, I too have made the mistake of staying in what I believed would be the kitschier, more real Las Vegas. Oh never again. I spent one night at the Days Inn and then hightailed it to the Circus Circus. (Which was cheaper at any rate)

  8. Yep, I stayed at Circus Circus and yeah....never again. Give me the New York New York hotel any day!


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