Monday, September 12, 2011

Incorporating Vintage

I recently re-worked a little vignette display I had in my main bathroom. I like a good nautical theme but I like the darker, scarier side of the ocean, for the most part (and I like dinosaurs so why not combine the two?) I've had this print, Bad Day On The High Sea by the amazing Brandon Bird, hanging in my bathroom for years. I love the print but thought that it needed a little updating since it was just hanging on the wall by itself looking both lonely and terrifying at the same time.

I added a small vintage, cast iron mermaid hook that I found on Etsy. Her tail is the hook! How clever is that?


Next I added a small shelf that I also found on Etsy for this project. I wanted something mid century (of course) that was small enough to fit the space and cool enough to add something special to the design.


I finished it off with a great vintage seahorse that I thrifted and another thrifted piece from my fledgling pottery collection.


And voila! A small simple update that incorporates an existing piece of artwork with vintage pieces to create an awesomely nautical themed vignette. (Even if it's only awesome in my mind, it's okay. I'm so in love with it!)

Linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday! Can't wait to see everyone's thrifted treasures!


  1. You know I'm a big dino/nautical junkie, so your print calls out to my soul. I LOVE your display. The shelf, pot, seahorse, mermaid, all delicious. The only thing I would do is scoot the seahorse and vase together to balance things out a bit. :) Otherwise, it's all perfection!

  2. It's a great collection - looks perfect together.

  3. I agree with you Flo: it definetely looks awesome. Your bathroom looks interesting too. I love the finish on the walls.

  4. Those pieces complement each other perfectly. It's great!

  5. Great pieces! That print is amazing and the mermaid hook is pretty darn cute too.

    E :)

  6. Thanks for the compliments, guys! It felt a little odd taking pictures of my bathroom.

    Van - I agree about that shelf. I think it needs a third piece on the shelf. I'm still on the lookout!

  7. Ace picture! I do love a dinosaur, my husband is more a sealife fan - both in 'an art'? Fantastique!

  8. I love that mermaid!

    The set up is great & lol, ya, I think the bathroom is the only place in my house that hasn't shown up online at one time or another. It'll have it's day though.

  9. Looks incredible Flo!
    Scarlett x


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