Monday, September 5, 2011

80s Thrift Share

I was back to thrift shopping this week and I found some rockin' 80s treasures. This first one kind of speaks for itself. But I will say that this unicorn bookend is rad, gnarly and totally tubular!


What's better than a unicorn bookend? A pair of unicorn bookends, of course!


And before you start thinking that these unicorns are cute and shoot rainbows from their horns, take a closer look.


These unicorns are bad ass and mean business! They're like the Dirty Harry of unicorns. I'm not sure who takes a unicorn and decides to design it as a lethal killing machine, but I'm glad they did!


I love rainbows and I love luggage. Rainbows + Luggage = Awesome. It's a simple equation. I found this American Tourister rainbow luggage strap for a song. It's a little dirty but I'm hoping that a Tide pen will help make it sparkle again.


Lastly, I found another calculator watch!! This brings my total up to three. I've blogged about the other watches. I decided to keep one and sell one, however I had a huge problem. I had no idea how to set the time, or anything really, on the watches. I started wearing them around and if I had any downtime at the post office or wherever, I'd mess with the watch. I hoped to eventually figure it out. A couple weeks ago, I was wearing one of the watches while I was playing poker. A guy at the table loved the watch and kept commenting on it. I confessed to him that I didn't know how to set the time. He asked if he could tinker with it and he figured it out! Now I know how to set the time on all three watches =D I'm still planning on selling one, which I hope to list soon.


Rawr! How's that for some 80s awesome? Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!


  1. Those book ends are amazing! Love the unicorn attitude, better not mess with those books they are guarding ;o) Always love a bit of 80s flavour, brings back my youth lol. Scarlett x

  2. I love that this calculator watch is purple!

  3. Those book ends are so rad. I've been looking for a pair of killer bookends AND a calculator watch! You're so lucky!

  4. The bookends are pure 80s, and I love the watch! My daughter had a belt just like that luggage strap back in the 80s. (She was born in 1978.)

  5. sweet. Does setting the time have something to do with sticking a ballpoint pen in the holes or something?

  6. Hey Six! Setting the time was actually about holding down the "C" button on the calculator until it started cycling through options. I'd tried that before, but you've actually got to hold it down for a long time until it switches modes. I'd just never held it down long enough. It's funny you mention that though, I'd checked all the watches for holes so I could try the ballpoint pen thing.

  7. I remember one of my kids having a belt like that rainbow one.

  8. When you said unicorns I didn't think I would like them as much as I do...

  9. Oh my god - they're amazing! Kick ass unicorns indeed. And I'm far more in love with that watch than a woman of 34 should be...purple AND a calculator?? How much...?

  10. Gotta love the unicorns! I've always wanted a calculator watch they look so cool.

    E :)

  11. Nice finds, I'm loving each one. Nice expression on those Unicorns!

    I also wanted to add that my pals from the Old Skool Junk (They're part of my shop-team now) giveaway loved your suggestion. I considered the mystery medium night before because limitations with art projects increase creativity. (Otherwise you're overwhelmed trying to choose mediums!)

  12. Lakota - Haha! I'm 37 and I love it too! I'm not sure what I'll list the watch for yet, but probably around 30 USD. Let me know if you're interested!

    Van! I'm so glad they liked the idea! I think it would be super fun. "Here's a handful of paper clips, now go make something!" The cool thing is you could use cheap and found materials. Low overhead + lots of fun = win! I wish I lived closer!


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