Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrift Share Curiousity

Occasionally when I'm out thrifting, I'll come across an item I just can't figure out. What was it made for? What is it's purpose? Who made it? Why?

Exhibits A and B.


These appear to be mere simple, rustic wooden frames. But no. On the back side of these frames is a fine wire mesh.


In my mind, some old gent with a super long full beard, suspenders and knee high leather boots put these little boxes together while out panning for gold. It's only a guess, but my money is on the fact that my dubious miner was searching for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine here in Arizona.


Rather than being used in the search for fabled gold mines, this odd set is now holding mini treasures - like these tiny Japanese dolls. At any rate, I think they're pretty great even if they don't match a single thing in my house. They have a cool rustic kitchen/farmhouse appeal. I'll probably end up listing them soon, but for now I'm enjoying them =)

I wasn't able to get much thrifting done this week. Apologies as well for a lack of posting and commenting on your blogs. Between a very sad family tragedy and a hurt foot, I was injured and depressed. After a few days spent thinking about the good things in life and all that I have to look forward to this fall, I'm feeling a better and I think the sun'll come out tomorrow.

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  1. Homemade silk screening frames? That's not nearly as interesting an answer as the one you came up with though...:)

    Sorry you've had such a bad week. I hope things will be better soon.

  2. I hope the sun shines again for you soon. I have to get back on the blog-horse too!

    I was thinking the frames might have been for sifting stones out of dirt? Or as a makeshift bug screen at a window?

  3. Oh no, sorry about family tragedies and random injuries. You can never predict these things and they ALWAYS suck. Wishing you positive vibes.

    I LOVE these screens. They would be perfect for hosting jewelry and earrings when you tired of them as curio shelves. Also, I love the Japanese dolls!

  4. Thanks guys - I really appreciate the well wishes and positive thoughts <3

    Van - I hadn't thought of using the screens for jewelry but that'd be perfect!

  5. Maybe they were screens for making paper? I second Van's idea of using them for jewelry.

  6. My friend was thinking of making something similar to these boxes to use for her earrings - she has a gianormous collection.

  7. I remember avid gardeners having screens like these to prepare potting soil, especially if a fine mix was needed.

    ...but I think that something to do with silk screening is also possible (although they a little small for a big project.)

    It's hard to focus when life leaves you reeling.


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