Friday, August 19, 2011

The Recently Relevant Etsy Changes

I know a lot of you also resell vintage items on Etsy. In case you weren't aware, Etsy has made some changes to the way buyers search for items on Etsy. (They didn't send out an email making anyone aware of the change. Bad Etsy!) It used to be that when a curious consumer sat down and ran a search on Etsy, the most recently listed items in the search category were the items presented to the potential buyer. This led to many Etsy sellers "relisting" items every day to give them a bump in the search listings. 

Now when a curious customer performs a search on Etsy, the most relevant items are given priority of placement on the search results. This means if you type in "Spring Blossom Pyrex" for your search - the items with that exact phrasing in the listing title AND in the listing tags, will be given top priority on the search results. 

This change, especially since Etsy did not send out an email to sellers letting everyone know about it beforehand, heck, even after the fact, has caused quite the controversy on the Etsy forums. A lot of people are outraged over the change and the need to "retrofit" their shop and listings so they show up in relevant search inquiries. 

I actually think the change is pretty great for vintage sellers and I'm taking it as an opportunity and challenge to revamp my listings. I thought I'd share an example for my fellow Etsians.


Previous Title: Two Vintage Solid Brass Owl Bookends
New Title: Brass Owl Bookends Vintage

I updated my keyword tags to include: "brass owl bookends" "brass owls" "brass birds" and "owl statue" - These keywords were already in my tags but they were listed individually like "owls" statue" "bookends", which I kept as keywords but also added the keyword phrases too. Syncing up titles with matching keyword tags does seem a bit redundant but it also seems to be working at the moment!

Regarding the title, you'll notice I removed "Two Vintage Solid" from the title. Apparently, more relevancy importance is placed on the keywords at the beginning of the listing's title. So, apparently we all need to open the title with our best keywords and phrases and then repeat them again in the tags. 

I hope this helps someone out there! I've only retrofitted a few of my listings, then paused to check and see what was actually working and what wasn't. I'm off to update the rest of them! Have a great weekend =)


  1. I need to revamp my listing titles too. Thanks for the explanation. It's much clearer than in the forums. I still can't get happy about the change with the default that makes people only search in the areas where they live (whether they know it or not) but hopefully, I'll find a way to make that one work too.

  2. Hi Eartha! From what I understand, to update the "regional" search info, I've got to go into all of my listings and add a shipping cost to "Everywhere" I'm not too happy about this change either, because I've got in my listings that international customers should just contact me for a quote because shipping can be so crazy (even within the US there is a huge variance). If Etsy wants to force this issue, and they do, I wish they'd just create a shipping calculator for us!

  3. Thanks for the info. I only have a few listings on Etsy right now but was planning on gearing up for Fall sales soon! This is important to know.

  4. Very helpful info. We're about to open an Etsy store, and this will be good to know.

  5. Thanks! I didn't understand what the changes really were. I still don't get the part about the regional search.

  6. Great post, i dont sell on Etsy but always think i will some day. Scarlett x

  7. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea there had been any changes at all since I've been so busy. I actually like the change to the search results since I would never have time to constantly keep relisting. I think this new system gives everyone an even playing field even if it's a pain to retrofit your current listings.

  8. This reminds me I need to revamp my listings. Ugh. I keep putting it off. And YES, a shipping claculator would make my life soooo much better!


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