Thursday, August 25, 2011

Murder Mystery Party Giveaway

If you've checked out my profile, then you know that in addition to reselling vintage goodies, I also write murder mystery party games. My best friend, Jeannette and I have been writing murder mystery party games for years. Early this year we launched a website, Toe Tag Mysteries where we sell our diabolically fun murder mystery games. We decided to start up a blog about putting together costumes, creating awesome party atmospheres on a budget and our writing process. To celebrate the launch of our Toe Tag Mysteries blog, we're giving away a murder mystery party game to one lucky winner!

I wanted to share this with my Atomic Betties readers because these games are so much for fun for people who are into thrifting and vintage. The winner will be able to choose from games such as Boomtown, an exciting western game full of saloon girls and gunslingers; Bay City Convention, a game set at a comic book convention which is perfect for the 80s chic geek crowd; Fantasy Singles Cruise, which is a super fun game - think Love Boat; and Tommy Gunn's Club, a down and dirty speakeasy era game chock full of dames and mobsters.

We are currently writing our latest game, Carnivale Mystique, which is set in a depression-era carnival/circus. Here is a sneak peak of some vintage treasures I've picked up for this year's murder mystery party game!


Vintage cufflinks - very Liberace! I really think it's a shame that cufflinks have sort of fallen by the wayside for every day use.


I'm not quite sure how I'm going to use this gorgeous pin yet. It would look lovely just below the collar of a lacy top, but I'm considering converting it to a hair piece along with some feathers. When you're costuming for a murder mystery party you can never go TOO bold or TOO busy!


This pin will likely be affixed to a turban and outfitted with a large plume feather. This is part of W's costume and you'll need to tune in to the Toe Tag's blog to see how this gem transforms into something fit for the Maharajah.

I really hope you guys stop over by the new blog and sign up for the giveaway! With so much creativity swirling around the thrifting community I'd be so happy to join in thrifting and vintage costuming and party creation discussions with you guys! I'd also be tickled pink if a Betties reader won the giveaway!


  1. This is just beautiful. I had never played any of these games, but it's the kind of fun kitschy party that speaks to my soul. I funny support this vintage-style project and shall go check out the blog to learn more about it ;)

  2. Love this, how exciting!! Im off to check out the website :o)) Scarlett x

  3. I'd choose the love boat-ish one, I was a big fan when I was little, although...I've been watching a few re-runs lately and can't believe how bad it is.
    You are a clever cookie Flo, that's for sure x

  4. Thanks guys! Van, just so you know you're not showing up as a follower of the TTM blog (I don't know if this is a GFC issue or not, if that's what you use, but I don't want it to affect your entry)

    Kylie- You should go over and sign up to win a game!

  5. Flo: Ooops, let me try it again!


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