Friday, August 12, 2011

A little help from my furry friend

I'm working on listings today. My new goal is ten new listings a week. I created five new listings on Tuesday, so I need to get five more items listed today. So first thing this morning, I'm taking photos. My kitty cat Indiana decided I obviously needed his help.


"What'cha doin?"


"What's that noise?!"


"Do you really like this vintage iron hook? Hmmph"


He's rather unimpressed about this awesome 70s terrarium. If it doesn't squeak when it moves or come attached to a string, he's pretty indifferent. Now... back to those listings...


  1. Kitties are so helpful. Mine always try to help with my eBay listings and blog postings too. Most pictures I post are taken with one hand on the camera and one hand holding a kitty at arms length. For evidence:

    I like his name. Indiana. Awesome.

  2. lol - great little helper, my cats are the same. Go luck with the rest of the listing, i really should get my bum into gear and do some ebaying this weekend. Scarlett x

  3. Aw, I'm envious of your little animal helper. I want one, but it would die of loneliness since I'm never home. Even a fish would succumb to despair. ;)

  4. Ten listings a week is a great goal. I try and shoot for 5. Usually trying to get them all on a Sunday. If only there were more hours in the day!


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