Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone out there is having a happy Friday. I'm in a great mood today so I wanted to share a pic of someone who makes me very happy =)

Meet Diego! He's half Australian Kelpie and half Golden Retriever and all Best Friend. He's been with me for 11 years now and he's truly one of a kind and the best dog a girl could ever ask for. Diego loves kerchiefs, belly rubs, treats, shaking hands, high fives and high tens. He also answers to the nicknames, Burger, Burgs, Big Dog, D-Burger and sometimes just D. He hates thunderstorms and insists on being cuddled when the skies open up and the rain starts coming down. Kind of funny considering he's a big 90lb dog who looks like he could handle anything.


He's smart and loving and seems to instinctively know when *I* need a cuddle.


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