Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cuckoo for Chrome

I'm a little bananas for Google Chrome. I love love love it. After years of being trapped working in Internet Explorer, Chrome is such a breath of fresh air. One of the things I love so much about Chrome is the Web Store loaded up with intriguing apps just waiting to be discovered and take my internet experience to new heights!

Okay, so you get the picture! I love Chrome. One of my favorite apps is called Palette for Chrome and once installed, you can right click on ANY image on the webs and make a color palette. We all know that vintage colors are super dope (yeah, dope. I said it! I meant it, I stole your momma's credit!). Uh, sorry. Anyway, I've been making a ton of color palettes based on photos of vintage items that are especially eye catching. I thought I'd share a couple of my faves. I've also created a new "Color Palettes" page at the top of this site for the storing and loving perusal of said palettes. The page will also have larger pictures so RGB and HEX values are easier to read.

Here's a set of really colorful enamel pans. I love the mix of dark tons punctuated by the light blues and reds. It made for a really great color palette.

This handmade pillow hits my color palette sweet spot. The dark chocolate browns, rusty oranges (rusty orange is my fave color) and the mustard yellows are so 70s and rich and warm. I like the blue shades created by the background too.

I'll be saving this vintage color palettes and adding them to the Color Palettes page. Hopefully, one day when I'm redesigning this blog or my branding, or painting a room, I'll be able to dive right into these palettes for inspiration.


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