Monday, August 8, 2011

California Thriftin'

I wanted to share a few of the finds I picked up while thrifting last week in Santa Barbara. Overall, I'd say the selection at the thrifts were awesome but the prices were pretty ridiculous. Two out of the seven shops I hit were reasonably priced (cheap). Still, it was a fun adventure and I picked up some new treasures.

I'm a sucker for Reed and Barton enameled bowls. The colors are always saturated and gorgeous and their designs are super cool.


I found three! The two green bowls came from the same thrift and I found the blue triangle bowl a day later at a different store.


I almost didn't buy this vintage Ice-O-Mat ice crusher because I thought the price was a little high. I finally decided to buy it because the color was just too amazing to leave behind. It ended up being 25% off too!


Manufacturers back in the day put a lot of thought into the details of their products and the devil IS in the details. This is such a great piece of kitchen kitschy Americana.


I found this pretty little Japanese bento box at one of the shops. I've never come across one of these in Arizona.


So pretty! I'll admit, I'm usually tempted to buy things in orange. It's a weakness. I think this one was justified though because the design is absolutely delightful.


The last find I'm sharing today is also orange. A mid century Intermatic space heater. This was a pretty odd buy considering that the heat is absolutely killing me this year but it's so space age and sleek, I had to have it.


We tested it out at the store, but only for like 15 seconds. It got hot right away and everything appears to work perfectly. I feel with vintage electronics, they need to be tested for 15-20 minutes to make sure the motor is really solid. I can't imagine I'll be able to test that out any time soon and if I'd done it in the thrift shop the ladies working there might have murdered me.

Thanks for reading. It's fun to get out of your comfort zone and hit thrift shops in a totally new area. I won't be complaining about AZ pricing any time soon. =)


  1. This is the second ice crusher I've seen on blogs in the past week - I want one!!!

  2. I love thrifting while traveling, though I'm usually without transportation to get to a thrift.... hopefully I'll get to check out thrifts in Key West in a couple of weekends!

    I'm loving each of these finds, that ice-o-mat is a gorgeous shade! It makes my white one look boring by comparison! Also loving the bowls, space heater, and bento box. Orange is my favorite color, the teal of the ice-o-mat is a close second ;)

  3. I also love to visit thrifts in different areas. Makes it hard to shop if you fly but when I drive oh boy do I have fun. Love your bowls, they are really amazing.

  4. I love that all your finds are in such wonderful hues. I'm an aqua fiend and always pick up items in that color, sadly haven't come across a well priced ice crusher yet. The space heater is really unusual, I like the sleek shape and color.

  5. You're spot on about the colour of those bowls Flo...gorgeous, as is all the other stuff you've posted today...

  6. California is more expensive isn't it but dang they got cool stuff! That space heater is amazing, I've never seen anything quite like it. I say test it out for thirty minutes with the air conditioner off. HA!!:) The bowls are beautiful too! I have rarely seen them, I'd buy em in a heart beat!


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