Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back and Behind

I'm officially back from vacation and I'm officially missing the cool climes of Santa Barbara. Being able to do things like, go outside was really nice! I did quite a bit of thrift shoppin' while I was enjoying all that coastal weather. I'm so behind on the things I want to share! 

The day before I left for vacation, I hit a great estate sale and picked up some really fun items. This was one of my favorite finds at the sale. A complete Kromex brushed aluminum canister set. I find these all the times, but it's usually just one or two of the canisters from the set. I was super happy to find a complete set. It also came with a pound each of flour and sugar, two dozen packets of tea and about a quarter pound of coffee. That meant a lot of clean up, but there's something about an item being used as intended that makes me happy.


I also found this amazing little mosaic tin at the same sale. This one actually fooled me. I totally thought it was wood and stone until I picked it up and felt the metal under my hands. It's so sneaky and cool that I had to bring it home. It's very mid century looking too with it's little legs and spiffy lid. 


Thanks for reading. I'll be sharing some of my California finds on Monday, so I hope you stop back by! I've also got something a little different planned for Vintage Hot or Not next Tuesday. =)


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