Monday, August 15, 2011

Always check the pockets!

I had a great time thrift shoppin' this week. The past couple of weeks my dad has been coming along with my on my big thrift day (Thursday), which has been a lot of fun. Here are some of my fun finds this week.

Check out this amazingly atomic ashtray. The boomerang shape.. the swirling colors. What's not to love?


I picked up this really cool bowl at a small thrift shop (the same one that gave me such a hard time about bowling shoes). It's heavy and brass and has a great design.

And look what happens when you take a closer peek:


It's got an incredible little fish design with a seaweed background. They kind of look like those little fighting fish to me. They might be getting ready to throw down!


I'm really digging a lot of vintage brass items lately. They age so well and develope such a cool patina. This little turtle is hiding a surprise under his shell!


The little grooves in his side make me think he used to be an ashtray at some point, but now I think he's more of a trinket tray. Holding a treasured wedding band or favorite pair of earrings. I love secret stashes.


Here's a better shot of the cast iron green sculptural hook that Indiana was so keen on helping me photograph last Friday. I love the keyhole design.

As I'm digging through the stores for vintage treasures, my dad has been on a jacket kick. He has been very specific about the type of jacket he's looking for, which mostly seems to involve interior pockets. I think he likes secret stashes too. Last week he was trying on a jacket and checking out the interior pocket and he says, "Oh! Someone left something in this pocket!" He pulls out a condom (in a wrapper, thank god) and starts laughing and kind of waving it around the store. He then stops and reads the package rather loudly, "Magnum! Extra large!" which he finishes with an, "oohhh!" Haha. We both had a pretty good laugh about that =)

Not to be left out of the jacket hunt, I had him try on a few ridiculous jackets. You've seen my pop in the 70s, now here is a modern shot. This giant Fubu hip hop looking jacket wasn't really his thing...


But I think he looks pretty PIMP!


Now that he's been hitting the shops with me, he's found three jackets and made me promise him that I won't let him buy anymore (unless it's a special jacket, of course). Thanks for reading along! I'm off to check out everyone's weekend finds and catch up on all the great blogs out there =)

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  1. Cool stuff and that's funny about your Dad!

  2. I know you didn't ask today...but my vote is HOT! And your dad is pretty fly ;-)

  3. Haha.. he's a good sport =)

  4. I love the brass bowl with the fish design. So pretty! And the story about your dad gave me a good laugh. I have a friend who found a really valuable diamond ring in a thrift store pocket years ago, but I'd probably be like your dad and just find a condom, although I have no idea what I'd do with it at my age...LOL A diamond though...well, that's a different story.

  5. If he'd have pulled a diamond ring out of the pocket, we'd have been running to the register!

  6. LOL. That condom story rocks!

    I once found a empty box of condoms at the Salvation Army. They were the ones they sell at the dollar store. Not sure if they were selling they & someone stole them, quite looked like that happened... they probably assumed it was a beauty product.

  7. They sell condoms at the dollar store?? That seems kinda risky to me! Condoms being sold as beauty products makes me giggle.


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