Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Hot or Not?! Owl Bank

Vintage Hot or Not is slightly different this week. Typically the Vintage Hot or Not post features an item that my boyfriend and I disagree on. Usually, I think it's super hot and W thinks it's an unappealing mess. As of right now, I'm out of items that W and I disagree on - so I'm going to highlight some items that usually always fit into the "hot" category - like owls and mushrooms. The next few items featured in Vintage Hot or Not even gave me second thoughts!

As usual, I'm turning to my thrifty friends to settle the debate (this time it's just an internal debate!) So let's get to the goods! The questionable find this week is a vintage owl bank. I know the last time I posted an owl item (these salt and pepper shakers) it won hands down. I vowed to never feature another owl in Vintage Hot or Not - but later I decided to take it as a challenge. Let's explore hot styles and see what is cool and what isn't.

This owl actually looks really mean. At the bottom of the bank the owl gives us his serious message, "Be Wise. Save." I think the implication here is that if you are in fact Unwise and Don't Save that this owl might kill you. On the other hand, I love mean, scary looking owls! As stated before in this blog, I think all owls should pay homage to The Great Owl from the Secret of NIMH. This guy does a pretty good job of it. Time to vote! (Let's hear it for alliteration in this week's choices! hehe)


Vintage Hot or Not?! Owl Bank

Last week we voted on a vintage deer planter. W was positive this one was going to lose. He really, really hates it! It's with no small amount of satisfaction that I report to you the deer planter was voted decidedly hot!


Join in the fun!

Not only can you vote, I welcome and encourage photo submissions. If you come across something out at the shops and sales that you think is beautiful and someone else thinks is gross, send it to me and we'll feature it in Vintage Hot or Not. Email your finds to atomicbetties@gmail.com with the picture as an attachment. If I use it, I will mention and link to your blog or shop. Not a blogger? I still want to see it! Let the vintage community vote and we'll settle the question of Hot or Not.


  1. HOT! He does look like laser beams might shoot out of his eyes and fry you though (like the Southern Oracle gates in 'The Never-ending Story). And if it belonged to one of my boys I wouldn't be tempted to raid it for small change like I do at the moment.

  2. Not (my first not btw) I just don't like it...something about those bulbous yellow eyes.

  3. Oooh, definitely a vote for NOT for me, it looked like that was the first not vote!

    The eyes are too scary. I like my owls cute and fuzzy - just imagine an angry looking koala bear - just ain't right! =)

  4. NOT.

    Just don't get the same excitement I get from the other owls.

  5. The moment I saw him I was going to compare him to the owl from NIMH. God, I love that movie. Bluth has a way of making small things so incredibly daunting and imposing.

    This owl is PIMP, Hot. HAWT.

  6. And it's a NOT from me but thank you for playing.
    His eyes do look like large fried eggs, don't you think?


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