Friday, July 15, 2011

To Do Lists

Hi. My name is Flo and I am a list maker. I make all sorts of lists. To do, shopping, organizing, packing, books to read, movies to watch, blogs to read, things to blog about, items to research, etc. The list of my lists could go on and on. While I'm wonderfully adept at making lists, I'm not so great about getting everything on the lists done.

I've been giving a lot of thought to motivation and success and wondering what I can do to amp up both. I've decided to post my lists for my online activities. I think it adds a certain amount of accountability. Like, "Alright - I've already told all my friends I'm going to do this, so now I have to get it done!" I have no idea if this will be interesting to my readers and if not, sorry to have bored you with my inane ramblings, skip this and tune in Monday for the typical fare =)


Since this is an action post I'm going to write about my goals. Then I'm going to break my lists up into three parts. The first list will focus on three things I can do right now to achieve my online goals. The next list will be three things I can do in the next month and the last list will be five things I can do in the next six months.


1. Become a better blogger. This goal centers around writing better, more entertaining, pertinent content while achieving more consistency. I really love blogging. It gives me an outlet for creativity and making new friends all around the world.

2. Increase Etsy sales. This goal focuses on updating my shop more often with great items that are well displayed and photographed.

3. Incorporate better graphics for my Etsy shop and blog. This goal is all about sitting down with Photoshop and planning out a color palette and tweaking graphics until I have something I really like.

Alright, now that I've identified my goals, let's work on some Action Lists!

Today's Actions

1. Plan next week's blog posts. Create at least one new type of post that is both interesting and funny.
2. List five items on Etsy.
3. Sort through photo archive to locate pics that might make for interesting graphic elements.

Month's Actions

1. List 15 items every week. I have the inventory to do this every week for months. I need to get off my ass, get items photographed, write up descriptions and do the actual listings.
2. Keep a running list of blog post ideas. I used to do this religiously but haven't been lately.
3. Make more of an effort to visit all the blogs I follow when they're updated and participate in what they're doing too.

Six Month's Actions

1. Stay on top of buying/listing turn around. Ideally, I'd like to buy something for resell and have it listed within a week. The longer I sit on inventory, the more it costs me in terms of investment and turn around. I don't mind if an item doesn't sell right away, I've got the space for storage - but nobody can buy what I haven't made available.
2. Plan out 2-3 giveaways for later summer/early fall.
3. Create a plan for the holiday season. Make early decisions on things like, advertising and adding a coupon code for Etsy. Plan out packing and shipping times. Update Etsy shop with all holiday purchasing information.
4. Work on and update graphics on blog and Etsy shop.
5. Experiment and work on the vintage foodie feature. How do I get the best photographs? How can I make the food and recipes interesting and germane to my blog.

I might turn this into a monthly post where I do some kind of status update and tweak the lists as needed. Is anyone else out there making lists? What do you hope to achieve before the summer is over? Want to join a List Maker Anonymous group with me?


  1. I would totally be up for a list-maker group ;)

    I'm a PEDANTIC list-maker. I have have dozens of projects going so taking notes, consolidating them, and defining projects into clear action steps is a must!

    Let's keep tackling those to-do lists, I've gotta get back to mine now! But as I said to you on Twitter, chanting, "Perfection is the enemy of the done" is helping me get ahead on my lists, you can't worry too much about getting it just right. Get it done, perfect later if possible.

  2. I to am a maker of great lists, and of not doing the things on said lists.
    Van I like that saying! My MO is to totally get hung up in a process to do it right the first time.
    Hopefully I'll get rolling and have a real-deal update by the end of the weekend,

  3. Van - love the saying. Waiting until I have the perfect photos and the perfect description is part of my listing problem. I'm even doing it *right now* as I work on my Etsy listings! My mind is also racing in a million different directions right now - too much coffee, I think (if such a thing is possible!)

  4. I'm addicted to lists and planning too. I buy steno books by the dozen and go through about one a month.

    I think that your plans are fantastic and very manageable. I hope you keep us updated with what you're doing so we can keep you accountable!

  5. Ladies, How about a Facebook check in at the end of the weekend about our goals? I'll post for the Book of the Face if you will.

  6. I hope you don't change your blog header when you go all fancy-schmancy Flo...I really like it, it's probably why I checked you out in the first place (although I would still hang around even if you did change it) x

  7. Kat - Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to need it =)

    monogirl - I'm down for a facebook check in! I've already working on a couple of the goals, so I'm feeling pretty good!

    Kylie - Thanks for the banner compliment! I like that space betty too!

  8. Hey Flo,
    I love your to-do lists...may I borrow them please? That way, I just have to change a few items here and there and you've laid them out so beautifully! TIA...

  9. yup - lists are what save me from total chaos... at least this way it's organized chaos!

    i think the worst thing about not doing what's on our lists is it makes avoidance a habit - so congratulations on already making some headway! stick with!

  10. Crystal - You may absolutely use these lists! Good luck on your goals too!

    Kristy Lynn - Thanks! Just writing up that list has me inspired and I'm actually getting stuff done!


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