Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - Treasure Craft

My Treasure Craft obsession started earlier this year in the Spring when I found this tiny apple. Since then, I've added pineapples, a clam shell, a butterfly and an owl mug to my collection. (The owl mug led to the creation my Vintage Hot or Not feature) But this piece, ladies and gents is the new star of my small TC hoard! Here is a little teaser pic:


This dish is deeper than any other TC piece I own, which gives it a bit more utility - not that I'm going to cover up the beautiful design by putting anything in it. Alright - I'm going to flip it up so you can see the full design. Hang on to your hats!


Swooooon! This delightful fish dish is maybe one of the best vintage piece I own. It hits all the sweet spots in my personal color palette and it's bedecked with oceanic themed carvings. It's truly whimsical and fun while managing to be out-of-this-world gorgeous.


This little dish satisfies so many of my vintage cravings. Look at this little seahorse! It's blowing bubbles! I might die.


Treasure Craft - I love you.

Thanks for checking out my happy new find! Tune back in tomorrow for another episode of Vintage Hot or Not. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement on my last "To Do Lists" post. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress.

Linking up to Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.

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  1. Oh no! I really have to confess that I don't like it! I think it's the orange colours inside the plate...!


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