Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage Hot or Not?! Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Hot or Not started as a result of disagreements between my boyfriend, Wade and I in regards to thrifted items that I bring home. Sometimes we're in total agreement that an item is super hot. Other times, I love it and he hates it. Taking the question to the thrifting community has been a lot of fun and I hope you're enjoying VHoN as much as I am =)

The questionable find this week is a set of 70s kitschy owl salt and pepper shakers. They're all mustard yellows and browns and ready to perch patiently in the kitchen. What do you guys think? Are they too cute to give a hoot? Or do they look like avian superbirds ready to defend the honor and justice of salt and pepper around the world? Time to vote!


Vintage Hot or Not?!

Last week we voted on a vintage pottery mushroom lantern. Despite Wade's best effort to skew the voting by leaving phallic comments on the post (or maybe because of it), you guys voted overwhelmingly Hot!


Join in the fun!

Not only can you vote, I welcome and encourage photo submissions. If you come across something out at the shops and sales that you think is beautiful and someone else thinks is gross, send it to me and we'll feature it in Vintage Hot or Not. Email your finds to atomicbetties@gmail.com with the picture as an attachment. If I use it, I will mention and link to your blog or shop. Not a blogger? I still want to see it! Let the vintage community vote and we'll settle the question of Hot or Not.


  1. How can these birdies be anything BUT hot? How, I ask ya? I love the flower-eyes, too. Who doesn't love birds with flower-eyes?

  2. I love owls, my husband fears their 'judgemental attitude'. I feel sad that some bully owl ornament in his past ruined his emotions towards them forevermore.

  3. Not a question in my mind- oh so hot!
    Also have to say, I really look forward to this feature- keep it coming :)

  4. Van - believe it or not it was their flowery eyes that raised doubts in the first place! I agree that they're hot. I love owls.

    Perdita - Awww... owls can look a bit stern! The serious ones are my fave but I can see how someone else might be like, "why are they staring at me!?"

    Alyssa - So long as I've got some questionable finds, I'll keep it coming! I enjoy it too =D

  5. Yeah, sometimes, I feel like an old poop not voting for something, but these little cuties get my vote. Hoot, hoot!

  6. Owls are always hot! Scarlett x

  7. Hot without a doubt! Such cute and friendly eyes!

  8. Avian Superbirds for sure! Kind of like the Wonder Twins.

  9. Hi Flo, I'm sorry I am such a clutz! Every time you have commented I have gone to your profile page and thought mistakenly you were A La Modern. As a result I must have been conducting very weird conversations with them. They must think I am crazy!
    I have just voted...hot baby, hot!

  10. Nick - That is too funny! I'm glad you made your way back to me! <3

    I think this find wasn't questionable enough for Hot or Not - it's just TOO hot. I'll do better next week!

  11. These babies are 'the hotness' fo sho!

    Sorry to here about your primative plate near miss, I've had a few moments like that and you come away feeling a bit like fate cheated you.


  12. those owls are hotties for sure...no question.


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