Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Hot or Not?! Deer Planter

The questionable find this week is a vintage planter featuring two small deer. I have to admit, this one blindsided me! Typically, I have a pretty good idea of when I'm going to love the find and when Wade is going to hate it. But this week, after coming home from thrifting and displaying my fab finds on the counter - he took one look and asked "What the hell is THAT?!" His disdain, which I'm sure you'll be able to read in the comments of this post, is very evident. I, however, think this little planter is simply delightful and sweet. Ready to chime in with your opinion!? Time to vote!


Vintage Hot or Not?!

Last week we voted on a brass unicorn bell (If you haven't read the comments from that post, Wade's take on why he thought this bell was not hot are pretty hilarious!) The unicorn magically eked out a win with 19 Hot votes to 14 Not votes. See, there is still good left in this world!


Vintage Hot or Not started as a result of disagreements between my boyfriend, Wade and I in regards to thrifted items that I bring home. Sometimes we're in total agreement that an item is super hot. Other times, I love it and he hates it. Taking the question to the thrifting community has been a lot of fun and I hope you're enjoying VHoN as much as I am =)

Not only can you vote, I welcome and encourage photo submissions. If you come across something out at the shops and sales that you think is beautiful and someone else thinks is gross, send it to me and we'll feature it in Vintage Hot or Not. Email your finds to atomicbetties@gmail.com with the picture as an attachment. If I use it, I will mention and link to your blog or shop. Not a blogger? I still want to see it! Let the vintage community vote and we'll settle the question of Hot or Not.


  1. That deer planter is not only hot but ridiculously cute. I like that you do this. It's a great idea!

  2. You have a knack for displaying those succulents- I think you could make any planter look hot!
    and it doesn't hurt that the deer are completely adorable!

  3. I love it! Hot, hot, hot! I remember the days of a guy proclaiming, "What the hell is that crap?! Ugh, disgusting!" when bringing home weirdo vintage stuff. No longer! ;)

    Love the little plant in it, too.

  4. I'm torn! I think it's cute and I love your idea to put cactus in a deer planter when the two don't usually go together - for that reason It's Hot!!!

  5. Sorry...I know deer are having a moment, and I've almost been drawn back to Bambi just from the sheer numbers of them out there in blogland, but I can't do it in this case! I do like the way it looks like they're under attack from a spiky alien though!

  6. Haha.. I hadn't looked at it like that, Lakota! And honestly, Jay, I used the succulent because that's all I had. Lazy me...


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