Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage Hot or Not?! Brass Unicorn Bell

Vintage Hot or Not started as a result of disagreements between my boyfriend, Wade and I in regards to thrifted items that I bring home. Sometimes we're in total agreement that an item is super hot. Other times, I love it and he hates it. Taking the question to the thrifting community has been a lot of fun and I hope you're enjoying VHoN as much as I am =)

The questionable find this week is a heavy brass unicorn bell. What do you guys think? Is it going to rain rainbows and glitter anytime I ring this baby? Or will it come alive and night and kill me while I'm sleeping? Time to vote!


Vintage Hot or Not!?

Last week we voted on a set of vintage owl salt and pepper shakers. Everyone loved these shakers - they won in a landslide. Thanks for voting!


Not only can you vote, I welcome and encourage photo submissions. If you come across something out at the shops and sales that you think is beautiful and someone else thinks is gross, send it to me and we'll feature it in Vintage Hot or Not. Email your finds to atomicbetties@gmail.com with the picture as an attachment. If I use it, I will mention and link to your blog or shop. Not a blogger? I still want to see it! Let the vintage community vote and we'll settle the question of Hot or Not.


  1. I have been voting since the brassy seahorses. I have always voted HOT!! But then, I like almost everything... :)

  2. Thank you for voting! I like them all too, but I'm on the Hot end of the argument whereas my boyfriend is on the Not end of the argument. It can be pretty difficult coming up with finds that are "questionable" enough because I like everything =)

  3. Another one I love! Bring on the rainbows and glitter! I think you are going to have to work hard and find a real stinker for me not to love :o) Scarlett x

  4. Hot, I say, HOT! Reminds me of cheesy unicorn votive I sold at the antique store. I think putting the word "magical" in the description for anything unicorn will automatically make it sell. (Magic!)

  5. As a connoisseur of unicorns, I can assure you this item is perfectly hideous. Not only has the artist misrepresented the regal unicorn with merry-go-round proportions (ugh, that giant head!)...but rather than standing -- glorious and proud beneath his rainbow -- this unicorn is a vapid-eyed, rearing imbecile.

    Perhaps the artist was missing an eye; that would explain the poor depth perception. Also, how is the horn the same size as the tail? I think this was originally supposed to be a normal horse running, but the shape was so bungled that the fourth leg was turned into a horn.

    Or maybe it was the first unicorn Zeus fashioned as a child, doomed to flop around in circles with its grotequely deformed body thumping against the walls of its padded cell.

    Do you see those dead eyes? This unicorn is obviously insane. And who wouldn't be? Such a magestic creature trapped in the twisted shape of this hamfisted sculpture.

    Unicorn? Pshaw.

  6. Hahaha... do you guys see what I'm dealing with here?! This is pretty much how conversations regarding vintage hot or not items go down in my house.

  7. Wade, say what you will...I STILL love it! Besides, you should be thankful it's a little itty bitty bell, and not the size of a REAL carrousel horsicorn!

  8. Hot! It's kinda ridiculous but hilarious.

  9. How funny, I have the same set of salt & pepper shakers! Also the bell is totally amazing-- I collect unicorns as a kid and have just gotten back into them.

  10. Me again, although for a totally different reason:

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  11. Hawt! Why? Because I have one!

  12. I need that! When I ring it I want it to summon a giant unicorn that shakes glitter out of its mane!


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