Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays - Meow!

Just a quick update to share some feline friendliness this Thursday. I picked this little carved wooden cat earlier in the week because she was far too sleek and regal to leave behind.


I believe she'll be making more appearances on the blog and on my shop as part of my staging props. I'm always looking for interesting items that I love and want to keep that photograph well and can easily be used for staging. As you can see, I need to find more neat-looking vintage books. I keep reusing these same books in all my photos. For some reason though, vintage books out here usually end up with a high price tag. The little red box camera that I use for staging was my grandma's.


Thanks for reading! I'm linking up to Coloradolady's Vintage Thingie Thursday and Blue Creek Home's Treasure Hunt Thursday - check out everyone's mid-week treasures =)


  1. She's so adorable, love this kitty! And it's the perfect prop to add height to a photo!

  2. Your little kitty looks very regal standing among the vintage treasures.

  3. Love your cat - he looks exotic and I'm pretty sure he has a bit of an attitude. He will love being the center of attention at future stagings!
    Thanks for introducing him at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  4. Very oriental, hmmm that is a word that you don't hear much nowadays. Your camera is a little beauty. It would be wonderful to take some pics with it.

  5. i love your puddy cat too Flo...he's purrrrfect! (sorry)
    love the red camera too (have never seen a red one before)

    ps did you check out Fire King kitchen on my blog? thanks for link to signs, will def have a look x

  6. I did see that kitchen, it was awesome. I left a comment... it must not have gone through? Thanks for sharing it with me <3


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