Monday, June 20, 2011

A Squirrely Thrift Share Monday

I love it when two of my favorite things come together to create a single piece of Awesomeness. Enamel bowl + Squirrel = Pure Joy! The green enamel on this silver plate bowl is stunning. It's in perfect condition and the color is even better in person.


But let's get to the real goods! Propped up on the side of the bowl is a small pewter squirrel holding a nut. As you can see, he's quite serious.


This might be one of my most favorite vintage finds. It's so colorful and random and lovely. Big props to the designer who took a look at this gorgeous little bowl and thought, "hmm... I think it just needs a tiny little squirrel perched on the edge of the bowl and it will be perfect!" Whoever you are... thank you.


Thanks for checking out my precious find. Is anyone out there as taken with squirrels as I am? Oh man, if I ever find any Treasure Craft squirrels my heart might just stop.

I'm very excited about tomorrow's Vintage Hot or Not! I know last week wasn't too exciting as the find just wasn't questionable enough but I'm hoping to make it up to you guys tomorrow. Be sure to pop over and vote!


  1. Yep, I'm a squirrel addict! This is a really gorgeous bowl. Never seen anything like it.

  2. I love him, too! this bowl is completely unique. I've seen things like the bowl, but never with the added bonus of a little squirrel!

  3. Squirrelly! (as all squirrels are called in my house). Very cool, I guess the obvious thing is to keep nuts in it...


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