Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Hot or Not?!

Every once in awhile I bring home a find that I think is charming and my boyfriend thinks is hideous! I've decided to end the debate by asking the thrifting community to vote Hot or Not on questionable vintage finds.

The questionable find this week is a vintage mushroom wall plaque. It's large, yellow and spotted. Pretty much these mushrooms would dominate any landscape. I've got a soft spot for 70s kitsch... but does this go too far? It's up to you to decide!


Vintage Hot or Not?

Last week we voted on a vintage Treasure Craft Owl Mug. The vote was overwhelmingly hot! 28 hots to 10 nots! (Blogger deleted some of the votes, but this was the highest tally I saw). Thanks for voting!


You can participate too!

Not only can you vote and leave comments, I welcome and encourage photo submissions. If you come across something out at the shops and sales that you think is beautiful and someone else thinks is gross, send it to me and we'll feature it in Vintage Hot or Not. Email your finds to atomicbetties@gmail.com with the picture as an attachment. If I use it, I will mention and link to your blog or shop. Not a blogger? I still want to see it! Let the vintage community vote and we'll settle the question of Hot or Not.


  1. Wow you shouldn't have asked for submissions, my husband and I have this argument all the time. I'm going to find some of them for you!
    BTW, blazing hot! Anything uber seventies is seriously HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.

  2. Dhamma! I can't wait to see you submissions. Please do send some my way!

  3. aw, girl, I don't care for it, but if it makes your kitschy heart happy...that's what counts! I guess I am having a hard time voting yea or nay. If you want me to take it and give it a home, nay. But, if you love it and think it is so groovy, then who am I to argue? Am I missing the point or what?

  4. I probably wouldn't have it in my house as it is right now (still trying to find cohesive style) but I can see its appeal - unlike the owl of doom last time!

  5. I am so into this hot or not thing you got going on here! But yeah that mushroom plaque?? Not! Not for may taste at least :) Im sure I'llhave some tacky goodies to share at some point!

  6. I vote that the mushrooms are hot hot hot! I would display that proudly in my kitchen in an instant.

    The kitschier a find, the better for me. :) Luckily I have no husband or BF so I can hang and display my transformers and cute crap wherever I want without nagging! Bwahaha!

  7. So far the mushrooms aren't doing so well! But I love that the vote is close! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My boyfriend told me I had to stop photographing the items so well. He thinks they should be pictured lying in a pool of vomit. (He just wants to win!) Send me some pics of questionable items, guys!


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