Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Cookery

When it comes to vintage recipes card collections are fantastic! This is my vintage McCall's 1974 Great American Recipe Card Collection.


The box is sporting a very serious looking eagle guarding/hording a ton of food. He makes me a little nervous.


There are over 600 recipe cards in this box but one of the very weirdest (and there was a lot to choose from) is the Ham and Bananas Hollandaise recipe. I love ham. I love bananas...and I love hollandaise but all three together?? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.


Some of the recipes actually look good! Like this Quick Cassoulet is one dish I'm planning on making for the vintage foodie feature. It's got chicken and sausage and beans and I love it when I can cook everything in one pot.


This Belgian Beef Stew also looks pretty yummy and easy to make. I included this card because of the hot Dansk Kobenstyle pot! This is the color I want too. It's like spotting a rare animal in the wild. Ooh la la.


Thanks for reading! Keep the votes coming for the Vintage Hot or Not - that aardvark is too cute to lose!


  1. I adore vintage cookbooks, most of the recipes are pretty whacky but I have found some yummy cake/cookie/pie recipes.

    Great find with the cards, I actually have a couple of mini notebooks that a local Chicago crafter made with similar recipe cards as the cover!

  2. Oh, come on...can you please cook Ham and Bananas Hollandaise Flo, I really want to know what it tastes like!

  3. Oooh Dansk Kobenstyle! Is the brown really your fave? I think the Aqua is the best, with red or blue coming in closely....

  4. Haha, I'm reminded of Joey in Friends eating Rachel's gone wrong trifle. "What's not to like? Bananas? Good. Ham? Good? Hollandaise? Gooood!"


  5. My mom had those recipe cards when I was a kid. I remember trying to make some of the recipes with not always good results. (Couldn't have been my noncooking skills)


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