Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thrift Share - Tikiriffic

I hope everyone had a great thrifting week. I had a really busy week but managed to sneak in a bit of thrifting.

I see a lot of turtle knick knacks when I'm out at estate sales and thrift stores. Mostly I pass on them, but I really dig these solid brass turtle bookends. I've decided when something speaks to me that I should take a chance on it hoping that it will appeal to other people too.


I like the simple design - sometimes less is more!


I have a lot of owl inventory right now. I've really, really got to work on listings. I couldn't pass this guy up though. I love his little round owl belly and serene expression.


I'm a little fascinated by sea horses lately. I've missed out on some really cute sea horse statues at estate sales so I was happy to come across this cutie at a thrift shop. (Don't you hate seeing other people carrying around things that you want to buy?) The wood carving gives off a kind of tiki vibe. This was probably some kind of Hawaiian souvenir - cheesily adorable.


Speaking of tiki... I occasionally pick up little ashtrays that have cool designs and colors. I spotted this at a Goodwill. I loved the font and the tiki masks and was surprised that it was a Phoenix hotel. Surely, I would have heard of this place!


I did some checking after I got home and discovered that the Kon Tiki Hotel was probably the most incredible hotel ever! The hotel opened in the early 1960s and was unfortunately torn down in 1997. =( Had I known about this place in 1997, I would have chained myself to the building. Check out this post card from the hotel - it was an architectural marvel.


Finally, a set of Matryoshka nesting dolls! I was so happy to find these. I've seen these a lot on other thrifting blogs but had never been lucky enough to find a set myself - until now =D Their faces are sweet and the colors and designs of their dresses are beautiful.


Thanks for reading about my finds! I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds.

I want to thank everyone who has particpated in my first ever giveaway! The response has been wonderful and the kind words you've left in the comments are very appreciated. If you haven't entered yet there is still time - the giveaway ends Thursday, May 12th.


  1. Such cool finds Flo!
    I love the bookends and am planning a special post about them soon (when Blogger lets me post again! It's being such a pain at the moment! Very frustrating!)
    Have you ever looked at this site ?
    I know you would love it...lots of great 60's architecture, tiki style hotels etc.
    Have a look when you get a chance. x

  2. You had great luck this week, I don't come across turtle items often (or if I do they're super tacky '70s versions) so I'm diggin' your bookends. I have also been in a seahorse phase lately and I'm a big collector of Russian nesting dolls too!

    Sad to hear about that rad hotel, they pulled down a lot of nifty vintage style places in Chicago too. :(

  3. The bookends - what fun. The seahorse - divine. The Kon Tiki? Not just a find, but an adventure! The postcard makes me wish these places were still around. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love love love those turtle bookends. Those are gorgeous.

  5. Those bookends are fantastic!! I also with DearHelenHartmen the Kon Tiki looks like an adventure!

  6. I would stay in the Kon-Tiki hotel in a heartbeat! Love that architecture. Nice finds!

  7. Love that ashtray and mod seahorse! That hotel! I want to scream, "It's a sin!" like Alex from A Clockwork Orange again and again over the fact that they demolished such an amazing hotel. It makes our tiki-loving hearts weep...

  8. I LOVE that seahorse; so cool! Good decision to get the turtle bookends; they are really nice.
    You found some really great stuff.

  9. Cool finds!

    I remember the Kon Tiki - mostly on the way to Sky Harbor airport from many years was another one of the cool RETRO motels sprinkled along the streets of Van Buren, never to be saved from being demolished...there were many of them. Sometimes, you can still find cool postcards that validate their existence.

    Here's a website with some thumbnails and mini bio on some of the retro motels:


  10. Kylie - I love this site you linked to. Especially the gallery page. The photos of motels, restaurants and neon signs are amazing. I'm longing for yesteryear =)

    I agree with everyone - the Kon Tiki looks beyond cool. That they tore it down is a damn shame. (Van, I love the Clockwork Orange reference - you're beyond cool too!)

    Stampin'D'Amour - I love that you remember this place! I've lived in the Phoenix area for 25 years but have spent most of my time in the East Valley. I'm getting out an exploring more now though.

    Check out - it's got loads of places around Phoenix (and the world) that are Tiki related. I'm planning some tikiriffic adventures soon! You'll all probably be subject to many of the photos =)

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments! It's good to know that other people like those turtles and the seahorse!

  11. Pamela - This website is amazing! I can't stop reading it and I should totally be in bed, I have an early morning! It's fascinating!

  12. I love your bookends! I think I am developing a small bronze animal obsession. :)

  13. Pam is awesome for posting that website! Loving it! Also loving those turtle bookends. Those are going to sell great!


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