Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thrift Share - Smalls Weekend

I picked up some smalls this weekend. I was hoping for a big thrifty weekend, but just didn't come across anything that knocked my socks off except little tiny cute things. Here are some of the highlights!

This vintage Ingraham clock is amazing and the numbers and hands glow in the dark! I love the shape, the colors, the style, everything.

Here's a close up! The best part is that the clock actually works. Although, I haven't set the alarm yet because I hate the sound of all alarms.

This next find is super retro cool. I love the legs and the brown and brass. It's the old school weather channel.

I guess I was in a brassy mood this weekend. I picked up a brass perpetual calendar (I love these!) and the cutest brass elephant ever.

These little teeny tiny lady bugs and mushrooms are wall hangings! I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them yet but they were way to adorable to pass up.

Continuing the cute theme is this little bushy tailed squirrel. He's very focused on that nut.

I carried this scarab jewelry/trinket box around the sale for awhile. I couldn't seem to put it back down, so I bought it. I tend to buy vintage insect costume jewelry too. Weird. I just love the brass (more brass!) and the red enamel. His shell opens to reveal a velvet lined secret treasure box.

Thanks for checking out my loots! I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday! Check out everyone's fab weekend finds =D


  1. I'm so glad you identified that as a perpetual calendar. Makes perfect sense but I hadn't heard the term. I saw a nice vintage one at a thrift shop once and didn't buy it, but was intruigued...

  2. Ooh nice finds - I love the clock and the beetle the best, anything which has a secret hiding place appeals to the child in me.

  3. The details of Ingraham clock just make it irresistible. And the perpetual calendar? Now it's on my list to look for one too. New visitor to your blog and happy I stopped by.

  4. I love that little elephant!! :)

  5. Those ladybugs are great! It is kind of tough to decide where to hang them though isn't it? I didn't know those were perpetual calendars either, good to know!

  6. SWOON! I want a vintage radio! Someday I know I will find one that is reasonably priced.

    Lovely finds!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  7. I am old, so I know about perpetual calendars. Yours looks to be of good quality and even more vintage than myself.
    I picked up an old (oops, vintage, timeless) alarm clock this weekend as well. About the same size but not the cool smooth lines of yours. And brass was calling my name too! Except for a few Indian bells I managed to resist.

  8. -Really- fun finds. Love the little bugs, the clocks, and how you potted up your vintage elephant planter!

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

  10. Cute finds and interesting calendar!

  11. I love the squirrel, he is so cute. So many people don't like squirrels, but I think they are so handsome and such talented acrobats.

  12. Van - I'm planning a vintage planter post soon, so that little elephant will be making another appearance!

    SuzieQ - I love squirrels! Especially the bushy tailed variety.

    Thanks everyone who stopped by and checked out my finds! I really appreciate the comments and all the new faces =D

  13. Great finds! I love the little squirrel. Thanks for sharing.


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