Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I <3 the 80s!

I've been super lucky with 80s items lately and wanted to share some of my favorites. I scored another rainbow gym bag, which means I get to keep one and list one!


I also picked up an 80s Conair Anatomy Phone. I haven't tested it out yet because I don't have a home phone line - or I'd totally be keeping this phone while I try to party line my BFFs. (I'm going to test it out tomorrow) If all goes well, it will be making it's debut in my shop very soon. I love the neon colors and the exposed electronics.


The 80s weren't done with me yet - I found another calculator watch! I was so happy! I still hadn't decided whether or not to keep the calculator watch I found in March. Here's the new watch. With a name like ARMITRON you know it means business! There's probably a button on it that makes the watch transform into a deadly killer robot - I just haven't found it yet.


Here are the watches together. These would be so perfect for a nerd romance. Maybe I'll wear one and ask my boyfriend to wear the other. Haha.


Thanks for joining me on my little trip through the 80s! Thank you everyone who has entered my giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, there is still time. Also, don't forget to vote Vintage Hot or Not. I'm ahead in the polls right now =D


  1. Super heart! Those watches are ace, I would totally wear one. I'm suspicious the phone might be a be a Decepticon too - I can see it using the handset as some kind of deadly nunchuck.

    Mind you, I can't believe we're all loving the 80s already, let alone the fact that 90s is now being sold as vintage - I am not that old!

  2. Love your 80s finds! Nostalgia comes rushing back to me when I witness bits like that phone at the thrift store. I love neon 90s fun, and like Lakota, I hope that phone is secretly a Decepticon...

  3. Those are really "totally gnarly" 80's finds! That see-thru phone is pretty neat. The rainbow bag reminds me of Mork & Mindy...LOL!


  4. Here's my new other BLOG...in case you are ever in the West Valley:


  5. Totally jealous of that gym bag. I'm looking for one, ran into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one, but the zipper was broken beyond repair, boyfriend told me to pass.

    Had that phone, bought a three or four from the thrift store back when I still had a land line. If I still had a land line, I'd probably buy the remake from Urban Outfitters. I don't think these particular phones were built with quality in mind, just style.

  6. But I mean, I had that phone growing up, too. Got it for Christmas.

  7. I had a phone like that in High School! I would try and talk late at night but my mom would bust me cause she could see the neon under the covers. Hahaha! That bag is the poo. Someone is going to love it, like, totally.


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