Friday, April 8, 2011

Vintage Tupperware Collective

I love that in the 50s Tupperware was huge in the social scene. It brought women together and looked really great while doing it. True to the atomicness of the era and in sweet pastels - here is a Tupperware salt and pepper shaker from the 50s as well as a set of wagon wheel coasters. I have never been a pastel kind of girl - but I am a Tupperware kind of girl, so I adore these sweet treats.

The 70s Tupperware is my hands down favorite. I love the saturated colors of the 70s palette. Rich dark browns, smooth avocado greens, mustardy yellows and dusty oranges make me want to swoon. It's like my personal color palette.

I haven't even mentioned the apple greens or tangerine oranges - let's just face it - Tupperware is rad and the colors are awesome. But what I love most about Tupperware, like Pyrex, is I can collect it AND use it. Anything beautiful and practical makes me feel better about spending money and gives me an actual mental thumbs-up while I'm using it.

To further explore vintage Tupperware - I've set up a new community blog for those of us who collect, use, love and obsess about vintage Tupperware. If you're a Tupperware maniac and would like to join the Tupperware Collective as an author - please send an email to and I'll add you. If you're a blogger as well, send a link to your blog and I'll link it on the sidebar =)

I want to thank Erin and the Pyrex Collectives for inspiring this community blog and giving me permission to use the collective name. This blog only exists because I love the Pyrex collective so much and wanted a similar place to discuss Tupperware.


  1. Okay I am now totally kicking myself for not buying an orange Tupperware kool-aid pitcher last weekend- it was only 60 cents! What the heck was I thinking :/
    So awesome that you set up the Tupperware Collective! I'm going to head over and follow right now!

  2. Hey Flo, I love the atomic salt and pepper shakers...any Tupperware I find has a stinky smell, any tips on how to get rid of it?
    I'll mention Tuperware Collective on my blog next's a great idea!

    ps there's a guy in Australia who has an awesome collection, saw him on a tv show we have called The Collectors will try and track down his details so you can have a look.

  3. Alyssa - That's happened to me too! I left the deviled egg keeper behind once because I thought goodwill had a crazy price on it. I found one a few weeks later at an estate sale though!

    Kylie - Thank you! About weird Tupperware smells, I've actually never had a problem that a little vinegar didn't fix. I've heard other people say that if they found a particular stinky piece they'd put it in the freezer for a few days and the bad smells would vanish.


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