Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift Share Monday - Colorful Finds

I didn't get to do a ton of thrifting this weekend, but the little I did manage counted for a lot. I found some some wonderful enamel pans that I've been looking for forever! I was so excited =D


Most online pictures and listings call these paella pans and while the shape is right, they're kind of on the small side for paella. They're so bright and so colorful - I'm just over the moon! Deep red, buttery yellow and robin's egg blue *swoon* The enamel is in wonderful condition too. I'm torn between actually using these for cooking or hanging them in my kitchen.


Next up are these long, yet tiny colorful Hawaii spoons. The colors are awesome. I don't own any of the tiki-sort of stuff that was popular in the 60s for Hawaiian themed parties, but now I kind of want to so I can throw my own Tiki party and use these spoons.


I'm guessing they're teaspoons since they're so long but the actual spoon part is so tiny!


I picked up this vintage Rival Crock Pot for a song. It works and has such a cool color scheme! The orange and blues with the deep brown just looks great. I have a new crock pot but it's the small side - I can't wait to crock pot it up with this baby!


This might be one of my favorite finds. It's so unique and one of a kind! A handmade throw pillow in my color palette! It's like someone made it just for me! I have a chocolate brown mid century couch and this pillow looks so good on it!


It's just as soft as it looks too. One side sports a big orange button and the other side has a big yellow button. I don't know who put in the time making this pillow - but I'd love for them to know that it's super appreciated and it makes me very happy.


That's it for today! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Just as a reminder - check out The Tupperware Collective if you love vintage Tupperware and thanks for reading =D

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  1. Love that cushion would look great on my couch too.

  2. just guessing but are those ice tea spoons?

  3. Love those enamel pans and the spoons!

  4. I do believe my mom had that crock pot for the longest time! I see them all the time while thrifting. I love that cushion and the colorful pans, beautiful colors!

  5. Kylie - If it's the couch in your banner it certainly would! (I love your banner picture, btw - can I invite myself over for tea or coffee??)

  6. Van - I spend so much time in the kitchen that a little vintage goodness goes along way! I see a lot of crock pots too - there is a bright red rival crock pot that I've seen a lot and want but I couldn't find it in good shape. I was so happy when I spotted this one that look barely used =D

  7. suzieQ - yes! iced tea spoons! I left the "iced" out of my description. That's my best guess anyway =)

  8. Ooh, la, la!! I'm swooning with googly eyes! LOVE those pans and spoons!

  9. Those spoons are most definitely to stir that highball glass of rum and coke. Or at least that's what I would use them for ;)


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