Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Resellers Dilemma - Exploring the Weird

When I'm out thrifting and hitting estate sales - I definitely have a list of items and styles that I'm looking for. I tend to buy things I love, thinking that if I love it, the chances are someone else will too. This doesn't always work out for me, but following my gut has worked out pretty well so far. The usual suspects are vintage kitchen items, tote bags, owls, Pyrex, dishes, etc. Once in a while, however, I'll venture into the realms of weird, quirky, unique and odd.

For some reason, there are a lot of clown collectors in Arizona - I see so many clown figurines at estate sales. Like a lot of others, I have creepy clown syndrome - Poltergeist scarred me as a child too. I pass up all clowns I see, usually quickly averting my eyes as I do. Then I'll run across an item that violates my clown code of ethics and buy it.


This 1950s TV Tray might be one of the creepiest things I've ever purchased at a thrift shop. I couldn't help myself. It's creepy but in a way that crosses a line into amazingly interesting. I couldn't stop staring at it. 


Questions kept running through my head like... why is only the monkey watching tv? Why are these guys watching a clown? Is that bear happy to see me? Or does he just want to eat me? Why is the rabbit the creepiest thing about this whole picture?! Who waters that plant? (My guess is the fox). I was absolutely intrigued, so I bought it and listed it and it sold very quickly. 

So the lesson learned is if you're going to go for something weird - making it amazingly weird! Have you purchased anything weird? Did you end up keeping it or selling it? Or just being afraid of it and re-donating it to a thrift shop?


  1. I hate clowns too, for some reason. There's a photo of me as a kid in the eighties, crying as some mime was trying to cheer me up. Poor guy.

    That is indeed super fascinating and strange. I'd say the fox waters the plant too. He looks more responsible than the others. =)

  2. I love that tray Flo and would've bought it in a second...it's another of those things that is just so bad it's good!
    I don't like clowns either but my Mum has offered me a 1950's clown biscuit barrel which I can't say no to (because of above reason).

    I will email you later today x

  3. I can see why this sold so quickly...it is amazing! So damn weird! I need to know: is that a stuffed Dalmatian or a real Dalmatian? Did these animals kill it and stuff it, did the clowns? Why is the bird naked, everyone else is clothed, is the clown communicating with them through the TV, are they looking at us because -we're next-, can they read my thoughts?

    I can see why this sold quickly, it's so perfectly strange!

  4. Creepy cute sells well! This is awesome. I wouldn't have hesitated to snatch it up either.

  5. haha... see why this piece is so weird?! Van - that Rabbit can read your thoughts for sure! My best guess about that Parrot is that he's just a nudist. The Fox looks pretty close to taking it all off too.

    Thanks for the comments everyone =D

  6. I have the same gut as you! And yes, the weirder the better :) I think those animals use to be in the circus with the clown perhaps. Hehe!


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