Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Go Bowling!

I popped into the East Valley Lutheran Thrift Shop in Mesa, Ariz. a couple days ago and spotted these awesome bowling bags in super great condition. The grey bag was empty but the blue bag had a bowling ball in it. Now, I've picked these up before at other thrift shops and they've let me take the ball out and pay for just the bag. Hoping to have similar luck, I hefted both bags up to the check out counter and unzipped the blue bag while pointing out the ball and asking if I could buy just the bag. This is where things turned terribly weird.


First the lady asks me the price of the grey bag. We start looking at the bag and price tag had fallen off somewhere in the store! She starts flipping out saying she can't sell me the bag without a tag. I assure her that the tag was on the bag and I leave the counter and retrace my steps. I find the tag and return to the counter. Now there are two women there, inspecting the blue bag. They've got the bag fully open and have discovered a pair of bowling shoes under the bowling ball. They start harping on ME about the shoes. Demanding to know if I hid the shoes in the bag.


Haha... yes, being a total criminal mastermind it was my intent to steal some bowling shoes by opening the bag in front of you and pointing out the contents. America's Most Wanted watch out! These two ladies call over a manager and are literally flipping out over these shoes. At this point they've asked me five or six times if I put the shoes in the bag. I calmly tell them I don't want the shoes or the ball just the bag. Then they have the audacity to get super indignant and all, "Well what would we do with just the ball?!?!" Truly perplexed!! I was like, "Sell it!" They refused to split the ball and bag, but they took the shoes giving me dirty "Hah! We just caught you, shoplifter!" looks over their shoulders.


While I was paying the two women were discussing how to price the shoes. Normally all shoes are $3. But one woman was like "No, those should be more! Those are nice golfing shoes! (said while giving me a dirty look). In my driest tone I said, I'm pretty sure they're bowling shoes since they were found in a bowling bag." She didn't appreciate my comment at all. For some reason this last part amused the heck out of me and I left the store feeling neither angry nor indignant.

Now I really want to go bowling! Grease 2 style! Also, I'm considering turning the bowling ball into the world's largest bud vase. Maybe it will make an appearance here in the blog!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful weekend =D


  1. What a truly bizzare thrifting story! Way to stick it to 'em with that final remark!!

  2. Wow, pretty heavy treatment for a nice gal trying to buy a couple vintage bags! Sometimes people can be so rude. I hope you didn't have to pay too much for a bowling ball you didn't even want. The bags are sweet though. Did you have to clean them up? They look great.

  3. I didn't have to clean them, they were just in great condition! I got them both for a great deal so I didn't mind the bowling ball too much. They were super rude but I was in a pretty good mood and just found the whole episode comical rather than annoying.

    Also, thank you both for reading! It's a joy to know that I type this stuff up and people actually read it =D

  4. I love those bowling bags and your idea to turn the ball into a vase is genius.
    The ladies in all of the op-shops I go to are always lovely, friendly and cheerful...sometimes I think they must take happy pills!

  5. Wow! Spoken like a true criminal master-mind! I myself, wonder how it is, that people who work in places that sell merchandise which is donated (given to them for free) can even summon up the attitudes they sometimes have to those of us who buy from them? I mean, who cares how much they charge when it cost them nothing? Anything is profit for them....crazy...

  6. By the way Flo, I think your blog is really great. I love your finds and photography. When I first started up SixBalloons, I had so few visitors I thought nobody was reading! I am also glad to have regular readers like you now - thanks back atcha!

  7. This is the sweetest comment ever! I love your blog too and thanks for posting this! Made my night =)

  8. Haaaa bitches, you can't thrift without encountering them at one time or another. I was so mad when a local thrift store wouldn't sell me a new set of teal curtains because the grease pen price on the plastic sheath had worn off, I was basically accused of rubbing it off, and their policy is that if there's no tag they don't sell it due to the suspicion of price tag swapping.

    Can't you just assign a price? You really have to come back and hope it's still there if there's no price on an item there...

    Funny story, and I feel your "pain", or amusement in this case ;)


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