Monday, April 18, 2011

An Eclectic Weekend

I found a variety of pretty treasures this weekend. I hit two estate sales and a couple of thrift shops. I'll get right to the goods!

This is a vintage Frankoma 30 hurricane ashtray. It's absolutely lovely. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it back down. I love the shape and the swirls. The pottery feels so good to the touch too - silky and smooth. I tried to do a bit of research on this piece and couldn't find much information. I'm not sure yet if I'm keeping it or selling it. I'm very torn. I hope more research will help me reach a decision.


I found this cool mod mirror at one of the estate sales. It's plastic and marked "Made in Denmark" The shape is awesome. I think this one will be going in the shop because I can't imagine where I'd hang it.


I really like these old desktop bells. I found two at the same sale. The orange bell is super cute and in perfect condition but I love the aging on the silver bell. I can't decide which one I like more.


I dug through piles and piles of old fabric and found this little cache of old wooden spools of thread at the bottom of a big box. Most of the spools are capped with little plastic buttons that holds the loose thread end in place. Too cute!


This cute little 1962 Treasure Craft apple trinket tray will be up in the shop soon. The colors, shape, detail are incredible. I just love it!


Now we're up to my very favorite finds from the weekend. I picked up this framed print at an estate sale. The text reads, "Clipper Ship Dreadnought Off Tuskar Light - 12 1/2 days from New York on her celebrated passage into dock at Liverpool in 13 days 11 hours Dec 1854. To her Commander S Samuels Esq this Print is respectfully dedicated by the publisher. New York Published by N. Currier 152 Nassau Street"


The detail is stunning! I have no idea if this is a real Nathaniel Currier print or not. There have apparently been a ton of reproductions. Most of the items I saw at this particular estate sale were all late 1800s/early 1900s, so there is a good chance! I plan to do a lot more investigating but for now it's going on my wall (out of the sunlight though, just in case!)


My next fave find is a beautiful Georges Briard mid century carafe. From top to bottom this piece is a stunner! Teak handle and mid century brass capped legs! Beautiful gold, white and blue birds - the original tag! *swoon*


Here is a detail shot because it deserves one (this sucker was hard to photograph!)


Even the tag is pretty!


Wow. I just realized how long this post has become. I do have more finds to add. I picked up some great Pyrex pieces this weekend. I think I'll save those for tomorrow tho and post 'em up to the Pyrex Collective!

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm linking up to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds - check them out!


  1. Wow I really like the Briard item, especially the label!

  2. i can't think of a good enough word to describe how lovely that Georges Briard carafe is! It's so cool Flo.
    i love the bells, the little apple dish
    ...well actually, I love everything you found.

    p.s. really like the colour of your walls too

  3. Love that ship! So gorgeous and the perfect touch of nautical. Thanks so much for playing along!
    Sophie x

  4. That apple dish is the cutest. Do you know anything about it? I bet it's a great designer and well sell for hundreds! On a random note, I would love a sundress made with fabric that has that carafe print on it! Weeee!

  5. How did I miss that amazing boat painting!? But really, each find here is amazing as usual...

  6. The tag on that carafe is amazing! I recently found your blog and love it! Keep it up:) I also collect Crazy Daisy Pyrex and I am also a antique/vintage dealer in Kansas City. I come across stuff all of the time that I LOVE and my booth partner HATES! I'll see if I can get some shots to you soon for your Hot or Not!


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