Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Portland Saturday Market

I've just returned from spending over a week vacationing in lovely (if a bit wet) downtown Portland. One of my most favorite things about Portland is the Saturday Market, which happily opened the week I was there =D I wanted to share some little lovely treasures I picked up.

These earrings and the bracelet are the work of Douglas Lepre of Lepre Designs - he takes vintage tins, soda cans, modern tins, etc and twists stainless steel around them to create wonderful and unique jewelry! I just couldn't pass these up. Love!

These earrings are fashioned out of forks! They are designed by Spoonman Creations - I just love them, they're so funky and cool! They're a bit heavy, but I think I can get used to them for the sake of fashion.


I picked this photography necklace up at the market from Littleput, a very well known Etsy shop - I didn't even realize it at the time or I'd have personally thanked her for the scrabble tile necklace I bought years ago.


I bought this little box carved out of maple to house some of my treasures. Unfortunately I didn't get a business card or I'd include the seller's information. I purchased a wooden puzzle from the same seller a couple of years ago at the market and was happy to see him still keeping on!


Some honorable mentions - I didn't pick up anything from these vendors (due to a limited budget) but I really loved their stuff and want to help spread the word! Brian Mock is an artist who works in metal. His bowls, trivets, pendants everything was AMAZING! I absolutely plan to visit his shop and pick something up soon.

Pterylae is an artist who works with thread and he creates the most incredible geometric patterns for jewelry and some home decor. I am the happy owner of one of his necklaces that I picked up during a different trip. It was also great to see him still plucking away at the market!

My last shout out is for Sienna Morris - a fantastic artist who uses numbers to create imaginative drawings. She uses the numbers on a clock to draw a person, which always represents time and a moment frozen in time. She incorporates other numbers, calculations, fractions and chemical compositions in her math and science series. Really, click the link. She's awesome.

It's both sad and good to be home! I have a ton of work to do on this blog and in my shop. I look forward to more regular posts now!


  1. The earrings! The box! I love them both! Thank you for sharing these pretties. I love market hunting...


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