Monday, December 13, 2010

Thrift Share Monday

Wow! Wow! Wow! I had a huge weekend! I jumped out of bed Friday morning all excited about some estate sales I planned to hit. I'm in the car, getting ready to make a left on to the freeway during rush hour and SNAP - my clutch cable breaks. Not only am I freaking out because I'm blocking a crazy amount of traffic while calling roadside assistance, towing companies and my boyfriend, I'm so bummed about the sales!! Of course, I miss the Friday sales, but then I get an email notification that the same estates sales will be 50% off on Saturday. I repeat the process on Saturday morning, sans the total mechanical failure, and boy did I score some great finds! Here's a little picture tour of my thrifting adventure!

I scored these lovelies at the first sale I hit (for 50% off!). A large green enamel dutch oven Catherineholm, a small Catherineholm bowl, which is a cross between a yellow and a green, and a small yellow enamel sauce pot marked "YUGOSLAVIA 5" (which looks a little intimidating).

Next up was an estate sale where I scored some great Pyrex (those pics I'll be reserving for a Pyrex Collective post!) and three of the cutest little food umbrellas ever:

I also picked up this framed couple who are designed completely of meticulously cut tiny tiny bits of fabric. Once I saw this gent's mustache and pipe I had to have them:

The next sale was crazy. I was surprised they had so much awesome stuff left. All of the following pics are of things I got at this one sale! Vintage American Tourister bags are one of my favorite things in the universe. I've never seen this set or color before. It's a very cool dark charcoal grey and silver.

Pyrex Beakers! The one on the left is a 1000 ml and the right is a 4000 ml and it is HUGE. I think it would make an awesome trifle vessel!

Here's a pic of a lot of small items I picked up at the sale:

And here are some of the highlights! There was a bag full of very old Monopoly money and cards and this set of 12 memory game cards. The memory game cards came wrapped in a page cut from a magazine (This Weekly, December 25th, 1960). The magazine article was all about how to find out if your child was telepathic - using these memory cards. There was a little test and someone had recorded their test results on the magazine page. It's so amazingly cool. Also, this deer might be a zombie deer or a Frankenstein deer.

Monopoly pieces:

Here's a neat Frigidaire promo glass showing all the decorator colors you could order appliances in:

I also found this great Pilliod Machinist Tool Chest circa 1917 at an auction earlier in the week. It's unbelievably aged and cool:

This post, while long, only covers about half of what I picked up this weekend. I had so much fun and the finds were amazing. It's such a rush coming across vintage items that I fall in love with. Many of these items will be listed on Atomic Betties very soon. I'll be sure to add some links! Thanks so much for reading if you've made it this far! I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday - if you haven't checked it out it's a great place for reading up on other people's thrifting adventures!


  1. Awesome finds! Yay you! I dig that promo glass. :)

  2. Wow. And on the second day too?! Lucky girl you! I work till noon on Fridays so I end up hitting the sales kinda late, but I still find stuff that I am surprised is still there. I tel myself, You won't worry about what you didn't get cause it's gone anyways. Hurray for second day goodies!

  3. Wow my head is spinning with all of the vintage goodness!! I think i got a bit of a rush just reading your post :)

    Those memory cards are totally intruiging!

  4. Alyssa - I was so shocked to find those! I was suffering memory card envy last week after seeing your great find!

  5. Amanda, It's waaaay easier to not worry about the stuff I missed when I'm loading up on the stuff that is still there =D (Okay, so I wonder what I missed, but that's totally different from worrying!)

  6. That Pyrex Beaker set is made of awesome! I think it would be a hand-wash item rather than dishwasher if you were planning on using it for food items.

    I heart that Frigidaire tumbler, too...

  7. You did very well. I usually go to estate sales on the 50% off day. There may be fewer things, but I can usually afford them :)

  8. ohhhh car failure is the WORST but looks like you made the best of estate sales despite the trouble!

    and that machinists chest is AMAZING!!


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