Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Finds

I had a great thrifting weekend! I hit a couple of estate sales and one was amazing! I have a ton of cleaning and prepping to do before I can put a dent in this pile of stuff, but here are a few things I prepped this morning:

I have a thing for Mid Century coffee pots. I literally own at least six, so imagine my delight when I spotted these Mid Century coffee pot salt and pepper shakers! I really wish I'd done a "before and after" photo shoot. These were barely recognizable before I shined them up.

I'm over the moon about this cookbook. It's a 1961 edition of the Congressional Club Cook Book with a forward by Jackie O! The book is in surprisingly great condition - the only wear is on the dust jacket (which is what a dust jacket is made for!)

I picked up five Mid Century cookbooks - two from The Culinary Arts Institute (pictured) and three from Good Housekeeping. They're in perfect condition and the 50s graphics are so lovely.

I picked up at least six of these really vintage Ball Mason Jars. All are colored glass with either zinc or glass lids. They're so gorgeous!

My really big find this weekend was the aforementioned flatware but that's a whole different blog entry! I hope you had some great finds this weekend too. Happy thrifting!


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