Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turning It Around

I hopped out of bed Friday morning early anticipating hitting the estate sales I'd discovered all week on Craigslist. There were a couple in downtown Phoenix in an area I really dig. The first sale, which strictly forbade "early birds" starts at 7 am. I arrive at 6:50 and there are already people leaving with items. =/ Well, okay.. let's go see what's left? The answer - not much. The sale was horrendously overpriced. There were some very cute vintage items and some great danish furniture but all of it was priced higher than what I'd see in an antique store. I trudged through the house and came up with three very cute items. The two containers were part of a desk set and the hankie is for my hetero life partner, Jeannette =D

Even with some cuteness obtained, I left the sale feeling pretty bummed. There were some great items that I simply could not afford. I hit a couple of other sales and it was the same story. As I was leaving the area, I saw a "yard sale" sign and stopped in on a whim. After inspecting the tables, I thought I was going to leave yet another sale empty handed. On my way out, I noticed a bag sitting under a table with a bit of aqua colored plastic peeking out at me. My love and desire for vintage Tupperware took control of my higher thought process. As I dug the Tupperware out of the bag, I saw the tiniest bit of yellow and white glass. "No," I thought to myself, "It can't be!" But it was. The large yellow Pyrex bowl from the primary set. I got both pieces for a song and bounced happily (and gently, since there was Pyrex on board) back to my car. Since it made me so very happy I'm going to photograph it for my first Pyrex Collective post. So check back for pics!

After leaving the sale, I hit a few thrift shops and got super lucky!

A vintage Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 - According to the tiny bit of research I've done, this camera was first introduced in 1948 and was Polaroid's first commercially available camera. Score! It's so cool. Great condition too and apparently "It's Simple"

My next find was a family of rather serious owls. I'm pretty partial to owls, but I only like serious, scary or mean looking owls. If an owl looks goofy, I'm totally turned off. As a child of the 80s, I firmly believe that owls should at the very least try to emulate The Great Owl from the Secret of NIMH.

Okay, they might be more cute than scary, but they're definitely NOT goofy. Here's a pic of the whole haul.

Thanks for reading!


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