Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retro Rescue

This Retro Rescue feature will focus on an item that is in pretty bad shape. I'll be attempting to resurrect the piece while keeping intact its vintage goodness. My first go will be a Dominion Electric Fan Model 2021. The fan itself works but part of the blade is rubbing against the housing, so I can't run the fan until I've fixed this first.

The armature that adjusts the angle of the fan blades is stuck. There is an adjustment wing nut but it won't budge! My next order of business will be to fix this without damaging any of the original parts.

The amazing propeller style fan blades are fairly dirty. With a bit of elbow grease I expect to be able to shine them up.

The housing and base of the unit are really dirty covering up what I imagine is a great sky blue color.

I'm not looking to do a full restoration. I want the fan to look vintage and show signs of age. My favorite items are always the ones that have been used. (I'm happy to find new-in-the-box too, I just think used items have a lot of character). For part two of Retro Rescue, I'll be posting "after" shots of the fan, cleaned up and hopefully looking amazing!

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