Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Thrift Share

This weekend really did turn around for me. Friday morning started out so terrible but by Sunday I was singing a different tune! Here's a great Blue Mosaic Fire King Platter I picked up Saturday afternoon:

The pattern on it is so mod and awesome.

Check below for my Friday finds! It really was an amazing weekend full of estate sales, yard sales, thrift shops and auctions! Happy Thrift Share Monday =)


  1. I'm dropping over from the Pyrex Collective and loving your blog! Looking forward to future thrifty posts!

  2. I'm visiting because of Thrift Share Monday, but I had to check out your post at the Pyrex Collective, too. Love the Spring Blossom compatibles. That's my pattern, too. And, of course the platter is wonderful. Welcome to the Collective.

  3. Thank you both for commenting! My first comments =D


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