Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hard Decision

Like a lot of people in the re-selling business, I'm here because I *love* vintage. I'm put to a hard decision every time I pick something up. Am I keeping this or is it going in the shop? Sometimes I'm able to make the decision immediately. Other times I really go back and forth. I have to say goodbye to these little owls in the morning. I'm shipping them off to their new owner. I'm going to miss them (heck, they're in almost every picture I take lately because I love them so much!). The one thing that makes it easier is their new owner is so excited about them. I really like that they're going to be out there making someone else happy =) I got to enjoy them for awhile and now someone else does too. This is one of my favorite things about vintage.

Here's another toughy. I picked up 4 1/3 yards of this fabric at an estate sale. It's vintage and it's fabulous. I have four danish modern chairs that need to be covered. I'd picked up a great Orla Kiely tablecloth print to redo the chairs (you can see it here on Design Sponge) but now I'm considering covering them in this fabric. Maybe I could do the four chairs only using half the fabric then list the other half? Decisions! Argh!

Finally, an easy decision! This one is a keeper. Meet Cortez. Apparently she was fed up with me staging and taking photos. She hunkered down on my photo table and refused to budge.

Thanks for reading =) (I can honestly say that now since I have some followers! Thanks so much for your interest in this little blog =)


  1. I love your Blog, Dana.
    You write so well and your pictures are great!!
    I have read every blog of yours since you told me you had one.

  2. I completely agree with you. I have an owl up for sale at Etsy. It's by a very well known artist and I love it. But I don't need it so I put a high price on it and I put it on my mantel. I kind of get the both of best worlds. But yes, it's sometimes hard to know whether to keep something or sell it.


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