Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adventures in Photography

After an entire morning of cleaning and photography, I updated my shop with several new listings! My shop is only a couple of months old now. I began listing in September and my current obsession is photography. I want good pics! No, I want AMAZING pics! This is kind of harder than I imagined it would be. Today, I fooled around with different angles, varying heights, close ups, back ups and anything else I could think of. I came out of it with a few photographs that I'm very proud of.

The bits that go along with this drill just lent themselves really well to photographing. I had to play around with the lights and with a lot of angles, but I was very happy with the end result.

This was a little tricky to shoot. I've got 28 pieces in the set and if I get far enough away to shoot the whole thing, I lost a lot of the amazing detail that makes this set so rad to begin with. I settled on a close up for the plates, bowls and cups and then one overall shot that shows the whole set. I think a month ago I would have just tried to cram every piece in every shot.

I love these coffee cups. They're so 70s and bright! I lined them up like they were getting ready to march off to war (which is often how I feel before I have my coffee in the morning) and they just photographed beautifully.

To sum things up, I think the most important things I learned today were to take a ton of pictures of each item. Trying out different arrangements with multiple items in one photo created a lot of interesting pics. I'm still working on lighting. I'm an advocate of natural light - but sometimes you can have far too little or two much depending on the item. For instance, the coffee cups photographed best with very little natural light. It made a huge difference in how well the cup graphics stood out. The drill photographed best with more light gleaming off the bits.

This is my first post for Atomic Betties and I hope you've enjoyed it! Any tips, advice or general comments about photography are welcome!


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